Our Services...

Our services cater to requirement across various industries and functions and what makes our services so special is our ability to innovate new designs that eradicates tedious task to match any customer’s specific requirement.

For Corporate :

Executive Search & Selection

We understand the importance of right resource for any organization and that is the reason why we take all the measure to bring you the right fit.

Our extensive process can be summed up under following process.

1. Specification Understanding Process :

  • Receiving of job specification
  • Know how about the company
  • Understand & Planning towards job specification

2. Search & Identification Process :
  • Searching – Internal, External & personal networks
  • Identifying and assessing resource
  • Short-list qualified active resource

3. Solution Process :
  • Scheduling interview with the company
  • Mediate between resource and the company
  • Give feedback post interview

4. Sum up Process :
  • Follow-up & Handholding
  • Salary negotiation if required
  • Conduct Reference Check
  • Seek referrals

Human Resource Management Services

We give importance to our company’s objectives and keep unwavering focus in order to achieve it. ASC really understands the importance of achieving primary objectives and also to lower down the capital expenses, we have come up with excellent solution to match your Human Resource Requirements.
  1. Manpower Recruitment Planning
  2. Resource Requirement
  3. Post Hire Induction
  4. Performance Appraisals
  5. Performance Management
  6. Compensation & Benefit Planning
  7. Attrition & Exit Administration
  8. Leave Attendance & Muster Roll Administration
  9. Payroll & Salary Administration
  10. PF, ESI, Gratuity & Employee Health Insurance
  11. Expense Reimbursement & Allowance Management

Training & Development

Training & Development of employees is absolutely essential activity for every organization. It provides employees with the key knowledge and skill to perform the job. Though, the benefits of training are rarely tangible in short-term, but manifest over a period of time. And, the benefits go beyond mere competence building.

1. Functional Training :
  • Soft Skills
  • Selling Skills
  • Customer Service Skills

2. Behavioral Training :
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Team Building
  • Motivation
  • Time Management

3. Strategic & Corporate Training :
  • Train the trainer
  • Change Management

For Job Seeker :

Career Counseling

Many people experience difficulties at the beginning of their career and during the time of uncertainty in their work life to make decisions. We help our candidates in
  • Identify Interests
  • Identify Skills
  • Motivate
  • Discover employment opportunities

Job Placement

Through career counseling, experience and expertise we understand the forte of our candidate, we take interest and responsibility to find the right opportunity in terms of job satisfaction, to place our candidate right. From our records our candidates prove to be the most valuable asset to companies they are hired in. we take interest to understand the employers and employees recruitment needs. E.g. (Location, hours of working, part time, Full time, flexi hours, perks and benefits) so when you get the job its not just a job but a value addition to your career profile.

Resume Building

It’s your resume that makes the first Impression. At Arsenius Skill Capital our professionals take this as their utmost priority so that your Resume does not look like any other Job application. We work with you so you represent a strong and confident profile.
  • Resume Alteration
  • Professional Assessment

Training & Development

Every Interview is a tricky affair, but we at Arsenius Skill Capital do not leave any loop holes, we understand the requirements of our prestigious Clients and make sure we get them the most deserving candidate. You may have the skills, but our experts take it under their stride to groom and train you so that you are well prepared and are class apart for your Job Interview.

Our Training Module consist of
  • Interview Etiquettes
  • Soft Skills
  • Personality Development
  • Corporate Culture